Gillian (Bosun)

Gillian, 9, is the youngest child on Bojangles – following Clare by five minutes.  She is the artist in the family and enjoys ballet, knitting, singing, dancing, and all other kinds of arts and crafts.

While all the Kilgour kids are going to miss their friends and activities in Toronto, Gilly was the first child to embrace the spirit of adventure of this trip and has brought her siblings onside in looking forward to the possibilities of this journey.

While she will miss her friends at Swansea as well as the Swansea School of Dance and Toronto High Park FC, she is looking forward to exploring new places and meeting new friends.  She is especially looking forward to the beachcombing opportunities that she’ll encounter over the next year.

As we get underway and explore new places, Gillian will add to this page with her comments and observations on this voyage of Bojangles.

Gillian’s blog – August 30, 2009

It is a week before we leave and I am very nervous. I am kind of scared because I have never done anything like this before. I’ll be so far away from home and I’ll miss my friends. I also don’t know what to expect on this trip. I think that there will be lots of blue water instead of the greenish water in Lake Ontario. We’ll be sailing on the Atlantic Ocean and I’ve never done that before – so that’s kind of scary. I’m also a little nervous about what the people who live in the Caribbean are like. I don’t know anybody from the Caribbean and I don’t know what the towns are like. I hope that the people are nice, but I’m still a little nervous. My dad says everything’s going to be OK and that helps – but it’ still a little scary.

Hopefully I’ll have something happier to say on my next blog entry.


October 13, 2009

By Gillian

Washington was fun.  We went to the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Space and Planet Museum and the Capital Building.

After all that we all went to Daddy’s cousin’s Maggie’s house and I have fun playing with her kids’ Stefan (10) and Hamish (3).

For dinner at Maggie’s house we have pizza and juice and for dessert we have ice cream with chocolate sauce and blue berries.  I don’t like blue berries with they were good.          !

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  1. Luella Stephens says:

    Hi Gilly: Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas letter and ornament. I really enjoyed the picture of all the clay fish and eels you helped make. I am very happy that you are having a great time. Do you like swimming in the ocean better than Lake Ontario? Have you seen any dolphins? Big hug, Auntie Luella

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