Clare (Bosun)

Clare, 9, is the middle child on Bojangles and loves playing soccer and the drums.  While she won’t be taking her drum kit on board, she’ll certainly be bringing a soccer ball on board and will be looking forward to playing beach soccer in various locales throughout the Caribbean.

On board, Clare takes the helm while underway and helps with hoisting sails.

My Interests:

I like playing soccer a lot. I sort of like playing on my DS. In New York I will be getting a PSP. I will be using my allowance. My cousin, Owen West told me that PSPs cost, I think, $225.00. I think having a PSP will be like really awesome because I have wanted a PSP for a really long time. The first thing I am going to do on it is charge it and once it is charged I am going to turn it on and see what you can do and get used to the buttons and I will go download games. Mitchell, my brother will probably help me download games. I want this basketball game that Owen has. I have sort of played two games. I don’t really know that much about PSPs but I am willing to figure it out and try not to whine about it if I can’t figure it out.

A PSP is better than a DS for me because, I don’t know I just want one really badly.

The Trip.

I think the trip will be fun, I will miss some of my friends but I will get over it and they will still be there when I get back so no need to worry. Sailing on the ocean will pretty, we will see a lot of dolphins jump, we might see a sting ray jump.

Home Schooling

I think Home schooling will be really fun because my mom is the teacher and my dad might teach something. Usually school takes the whole day, 6 or 7 hours but for our whole day of school we will be only having a half day. Our school will be three hours. Lucky!!! I know!!! But I love school so it is not that lucky for me.

My desk will be the same as the dinner table. The library is in my bedroom. Swimming class takes place in the Ocean and gym will be on the beach.

That is all for today, thanks for reading. ?

My trip to Washington DC

Yesterday my family went to WASHINGTON DC!  We rented a car (it was red).  We had so much fun. So now I am going to tell you about my trip.  We were driving along just then Mitchell spotted the Jefferson Memorial and Gilly spotted the Capital Building.  But Mitchell didn’t spot the Jefferson Memorial it was the Capital Building but then we went around a corner and there it was the Jefferson Memorial and we all went ooohhh and then I was like WOWHE !!! ( I yelled).  We saw the White House and before that my family saw a parade, it was for gay people. It was cool.  And after we did all that we went to Daddy’s cousin’s house.  We had dinner there.  We had pizza and juice, it was good.  Daddy’s cousin’s name is Maggie and she has two children named Stefan and Hamish and they are 10 and 2.

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  1. Luella Stephens says:

    Hi Clare: Thank you so much for the wonderful shell Christmas ornament and the letter. I loved your pirate drawing! I am very happy that you are having a great time and learning a lot about our wonderful world. I also loved those VI photos. My daughter Kelly has a 2 month old baby girl, named Lyla. She weighs about 10 pounds now and it is so much fun to babysit. Kelly is going to take her to the YWCA for the “Mom and me” class which gets babies having fun in the pool. Big hug, Love, Aunt Luella

  2. owen says:

    hi clare!

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