Mitchell (Mate)


Hi, my name is Mitchell and I will be 11 years old for this trip. I have been sailing with my family since I was a baby. My first boat was 27 feet long, my second 33 feet long and Bojanlges is my third boat.

Aboard Bojangles, I have my own cabin and bathroom that I don’t share with anyone else. Unfortunately I do have to share the head with some tools and many spare parts which I hate. My cabin is the smallest on the boat. It has bunk beds and the top bunk can fold down to make a couch. My cabin also has a hatch that a small person can crawl through to get into the cockpit.

When I am at the boat I have several hobbies and activities and I like playing with friends. My friends are Wesley, Jerimah, Xavier, Owen, Zoober and Haden. We often play my game cube game, “Simpsons Hit and Run”. I also like my lego but I couldn’t bring all my lego.

While I am gone I am going to miss Rio. I am looking forward to going to different islands. I’m looking forward to all the beaches . I’m not really looking forward to the scorching hot heat.

Sunday, October 11

Yesterday we went to Washington D.C. and to get there we rented a red Pontiac from Budget. We saw the Capital Building, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pool but we didn’t see the Jefferson Memorial. Then we went to my dad’s cousin’s house, they live a forest like neighbourhood. I met their friends and we went to a nearby creek. I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t see a water snake. On the way back there was a mosquito bite on my ankle that was killing me. That was what we did on our trip to Washington D.C. and it was fun!

January 2010

I hope you all had a good new year, I did, I went to leverick bay marina and saw a JUMBIE(people on stilts.)Show. In St.Martin we went to a little zoo, my favorites were the weeper capuchins and guess what, I played catch with a weeper capuchin monkey, first he started it by whipping his pre chewed grape at me so I tossed it back, then he decided whip something bigger and harder like a nut and by the way he would make a great first baseman (if he knew how to play.)So he whipped it at me (way to high.)Then I chucked it back and on and on and on.

January 2010

I’m in St. Martin and I met some kids that are from SWANSEA, TORONTO (the place where I live). They rented a house in the French side of St. Martin and the kids that I was playing with were Mathias and Timé. We played mostly Wii, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter games.

We also went up to a stable and fed some horses and donkeys grass, pomme surrette (sour apples).

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  1. Luella Stephens says:

    Thanks for the update. I am very happy that you are having such a great time. Thank you for the lovely Christmas card and shell ornament. Do you see much of the Milky Way at night? Big hug, Love, Auntie Luella

  2. Graydon Flatt says:

    You finally got your page up!
    It’s a good page, too!
    Have you seen any rays yet???

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Mitchell, thanks for your updates! Are you seeing tons of stars at night? We are heading to Washington for Easter – do you have any favourites that you can guide Owen and Simon to?
    Loved the space presentation. Can you draw on any leaves , we saw some in Florida and they call it leaf grafetti. luv eewes, auntie kim

  4. owen says:

    hey Mitchell -this looksreally fun!

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