Colin (Skipper)

Colin is the husband, father, and skipper on Bojangles and is the one principally responsible for driving this crazy adventure.  While this is a family adventure and all five Kilgours are ‘on board’, Colin is the one that will shoulder the blame if anything goes awry on this trip.

As a lifelong sailor, Colin is most at home at the helm of a boat under sail.  Whether it’s an intense tacking duel in a Laser race, a placid weekend cruise in a keel boat, or battling a gale at sea, Colin loves being afloat and under sail.  This adventure will allow him to put many more miles under the keel of Bojangles and hopefully instil this same love of the sea in the rest of the Kilgour family.

As the founder and president of Kilgour Advisory Group, he spends his professional time in the world of structured finance, and while he will continue to do this while we are underway, the scenery will include more palm trees and sand and fewer skyscrapers and concrete.  To this end, he has outfitted the boat with the latest in communications technology and, with the help of his business partner based in Toronto, will be able to continue to serve his clients while underway.

While he is looking forward to the trip, he will miss his Tuesday night hockey with the Hitmen and coaching two soccer teams at Toronto High Park FC.

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