Meet the Kilgours

We are the Kilgour family: Colin, Kathleen, Mitchell, Clare and Gillian.  As recently as July 2009, we lived in Toronto in a nice house in a nice neighbourhood.  Colin has a good job as a financial management consultant and Kathleen is an active ‘community organizer’  (a term we’ve borrowed from B. Obama, but which seems to be equally appropriate when applied to Kathleen).  The kids play sports, go to music and dance classes, and have lots of friends.  In sum, we’re a pretty normal urban family.

However, we’ve decided to take a break from all this normalcy and spend a year cruising the Caribbean aboard Bojangles IV, our beloved Gulfstar 50 ketch. While we’ve only gone public with this plan recently, we’ve been planning it seriously for about a decade and conceptually since before we were married in 1994.  (And despite all the planning, we’re still scrambling to get ourselves ready to cast off.)

To undertake a plan like this, we are obviously avid sailors.

Colin has been a sailor since his pre-teen years, crewing on the family’s Lazy E dinghy (once it was determined that he met the minimum 95 lb threshold for crew), then moving into double handed dinghy racing as an under 16 competitor and moving into the Laser class (full rig only back then – none of this Radial stuff!) at 16 and racing competitively until his early 20’s when he met Kathleen.

Kathleen first began sailing as a girlfriend on the deck of Colin’s Laser, but became much more involved when they purchased their first keelboat in 1995 after moving to Toronto.  Cultra was a CS27 which might seem small to some, but was huge to us.   In the intervening years, she has cruised thousands of miles throughout Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands and has also cruised Lake Erie, Long Island Sound, the Hudson River, and the Erie Canal.  Additionally, she enjoys round the buoys racing.

Mitchell (11), Clare (almost 9) and Gillian (almost 9, too) have been exposed to sailing from an early age and are at home on the water.   Theirs is a love/hate relationship with the cruising life.  While they miss their shore side friends and their cable TV, they love being on the boat and love exploring new places by sea.

These pages will chronicle our journey over the next year.  Partly so that friends and family back home can follow our progress and communicated with us, but also as a way for us to keep a log of what we hope will be a year to remember for our family.

Please have a look through our pages and come back periodically to catch up with us.  Leave comments on the site or send messages to

Colin, Kathleen, Mitchell, Clare, and Gillian

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