Two steps up and one step back

We’ve been working on getting the boat ready for quite some time and while it seems like we’ve made a ton of progress, the list of outstanding items keeps getting longer. Just today, I thought I had a solution for getting a new fridge and freezer built and installed – the old one finally gave up the ghost after 28 years – and then the contractor – whom I’ve never used previously – emails me to say that he is not willing to work on our boat.

So now I’ve got to scramble around to find someone who’s qualified, available, and whom we trust. We’re moving on board at the end of July and we don’t have any way to keep food cold. I suppose we could use ice like we did on Cultra, our first boat, but that seems so primitive now.

I’m hopeful that we’ll get this solved, but don’t be surprised if you see me lugging a bunch of ice over the next few weeks.



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