Leaving the Caribbean today :-((((

Hanging out in Barbuda while Bojangles rests at anchor

Just a quick update to let folks know that we’re leaving the Caribbean today (Sunday May 2) and sailing to Bermuda as part of the Atlantic Cup Rally. This is the northbound companion to the Caribbean 1500 Rally we were part of on the way down. We should make Bermuda in 5 days or so and while there’s a decent wind today, it looks like the weather will be much calmer than we’d like it.

For those who’d like to follow our progress online (and see our near real time position reports) you can go to the Atlantic Cup event tracker site here.

Colin and crew

6 Responses to “Leaving the Caribbean today :-((((”

  1. Ethel and Bob Thayer says:

    Great following your journey. Looks like you are closer to Canada. Safe journey to all of you.

    Ethel and Bob

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