My visit to St. Lucia (by Graydon)

To help us get caught up on our backlog of missing blog entries, we invited Graydon Flatt (our nephew/cousin) to contribute a blog entry for our visit to St. Lucia. Here it is. Pictures to follow shortly.


My Visit to Bojangles IV in St Lucia.
By Graydon Flatt (Age 12)

We (the Bermuda Kilgours) stayed in a villa on Rodney Bay, while the Caribbean Kilgours stayed on Bojangles at the other end of the bay, a three minute dinghy ride away. Every morning, we would wake up and go downstairs, where various combinations of the family would arrive shortly, if they weren’t already there. Here I am going to describe some memorable things from our trip to St Lucia.

We met many different people. Our primary cab drivers were Donald and his father-in-law (on the Soufriere trip we had a driver called Gabriel). Our housekeeper was Ester, who was very nice. We met many children, ranging from “boat boys” to children at the playground (see below). We met Jacob/John at Windjammer. Our guide to zip lining was called Annie (our driver here was Rufus). We also had a guide at the Union Nature Trail/Mini Zoo who was excellent at making animal calls. Always save the best for last: Warren “Renegade” and Stanley were our guides for our Soufriere trip in the Renegade… Power!

We saw many species of wild animals. My favourite was probably the mongoose on Pigeon Island (which, incidentally, no one else saw). My other favourites were two boa constrictors in the rainforest, trumpet fish and even a spotted moray eel which was first spotted by my mum while snorkeling. We also saw many species of birds such as the bananaquit, tropical mockingbird, lesser Antillean bullfinch and hummingbird. The other wild animals we saw were rats. As for domestic animals, we saw goats, cows (and babies), horses, sheep, dogs (and babies) and cats. Our condo was right next door to four Rottweilers who barked every time we drove past. (On our other side was a Burger King in a shopping mall)

Pigeon Island:
Not an island at all- anymore. Uncle Colin, Mitchell, Clare, Gilly and I hiked to the top, Signal Peak (while the others waited behind), in search of a geocache. It was Uncle Colin who finally found it under a rock. We exchanged some sunscreen for other trinkets, such as a fire breathing nun! After this, we snorkeled off the “island”. The mega yacht A was moored off Pigeon Island, too. Before we went home, we played a bit at Reduit Beach.

Zip lining:
We went zip lining one day in the rainforest. It was a bit scary at first, but awesomely fun! We saw two boas and rainbow eucalyptus trees which were both very cool.

Pizza! Pizza! Playground!:
An awesome playground off Rodney Bay which we kids visited a few times before we got kicked out! Anyway, it was a lot of fun with a roundabout, bouncy castle and two trampolines!

Soufriere trip:
First, we boarded the Renegade Power and travelled down the coast, admiring three caves (“Goldenrock”, “Bat” and “Dragon”) on the way. We had our first view of the Pitons also. When we arrived in the town of Soufriere, we left Renegade with the boat and went with Stanley to a sulfuric volcano, which was very cool. Then, he took us to the Toraille waterfall which we got to swim in…………too much pressure! Then we had lunch and headed back, briefly stopping to snorkel.

One day, the admiral and skipper took us sailing, which was really fun (until I got a bit seasick much later. We sailed all the way to Marigot Bay, where we stopped to eat lunch and play on the beach, where we spotted the Renegade Power once again.

Windjammer Resort:

This is where we went on my twelfth birthday. We played giant chess and ping pong on the beach, swum out to a floating trampoline and played in the pool where we met Jacob/John, another child who we somewhat played with, using false identities.

Union Nature Trail/ Mini Zoo:

Just my mum and us kids went, but it was a fun hike and in the mini zoo, there were only 10 animals, but they were good animals, like agoutis, boas, parrots, iguanas, monkeys and tortoises (for the girls). Clare even figured out how to train the agoutis.

All in all, it was a very fun and memorable trip. The only bad thing (besides me being minorly electrocuted in the marina pool) was that it was very hot! (ed note: there was some stray current in the pool emanating from one of the lights.)

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  1. Uncle Ian says:

    Hi Graydon,
    Thanks for the update on the flora and fauna of St. Lucia. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the Magnificent Frigatebird. Did you know that they can stay up in the air for a week at a time without landing? I’m glad that you had a good time on your birthday. I going to visit Aunt Maureen, Uncle Richard, and your cousins today before they come to see you in Bermuda. Maybe they’ll have some birthday cake for me even though it is a day late. say hi to everyone for me.

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