Nov 6 – We’re past halfway

Around 10:00 this morning we passed the halfway point between Hampton (our start for the 1500) and Tortola (our finish in the BVI’s)

The weather has settled down and we’re enjoying North winds of about 15 knots. Yesterday, the wind was calm during the day and we motored for about 8 hours in order to keep the boat moving and charge the batteries.

Then last night the wind returned and we had a beautiful sail through the night – a broad reach with 15-18 knots of wind, all sail up, modest sea conditions, bright moonlight, and warm sea air. Pretty much a perfect sail.

In the morning, the wind died to about 12-15 so we finally got a chance to hoist the spinnaker. As we were preparing it, we passed close by another 1500 boat and hailed him on the radio and arranged for him to take some photos of us as we sailed by. Hopefully, we’ll see some nice shots when we get to Tortola.

Right now, we just finished some home made pizza and salad for lunch and we’ll sail through the day with the spinnaker (currently driving us at 8.5 knots) and then likely drop it at dusk.

Oh yeah… one last thing. We caught our first fish yesterday – a King Mackerel. It’s a pretty fish, and we enjoyed eating it – but the taste was a little strong for some on board. Everyone else is catching mahi-mahi, but I’m not sure that our tackle is strong enough to bring a decent sized one on board (I think my leaders are too light, we’ve already had a couple snap)

Anyway, it’s all fun. If current conditions persist, we should make Tortola by Tuesday and we’ll be dining on the proverbial Cheeseburgers in Paradise.


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