Heading offshore on Monday!

We’ve had a busy 10 days or so in Hampton as we made final preparations for the Caribbean 1500.   During that time, we installed a shaft brake (to stop the prop shaft from spinning whilst under sail), ordered and installed new propellor blades from Denmark, and countless other projects.

At the same time, we welcomed aboard 2 additional crewmates – Ian McLean from Toronto and Dwight Hawkins from Dallas.

And, amidst all the fury of activity we have managed to take in some of the seminars and parties that comprise the preparations for the Caribbean 1500.

(And of course, we have not had time to update this blog – but hopefully we’ll be able to catch up non it while we at sea.)

Now, we’re one day prior to departure and are focusing today on final food preparations and stowing those last minute items.

Tomorrow at 11:00 EST we begin!

We have a transponder on board that will track our progress and that of all the other boats. Simply go to this link and you can track our progress (Bojangles IV)

Lastly, if I can get all my technology working, I may be able to send blog updates while we’re at sea. However, this has been a challenge so far, so I make no promises.

So, please follow us online, and we’ll be back in touch once we make Tortola – Hopefully by about Nov 10 or 11.


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  1. owen says:

    Hi Guys! looking forward to reading your adventures. Hope you have a wonderful trip! love the wests

  2. Ethel and Bob Thayer says:

    Hi Kilgours, hope you have arrived safely in Tortola andthe voyage was without incident. Looking forward to hearing all the details. Cheers, the Thayers

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