Into the Chesapeake Bay

The Saturday morning after the trip up the Delaware Bay was spent putting the boat back together as it had become a bit of a shambles the action of the previous day. By about 1100 though, the boat was back together and, more significantly, the tide was high and about to start falling.

We slipped our lines from the Delaware City Marina and got ourselves into the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (C&D) for a nice 14 mile, downstream ride into the Chesapeake Bay. The winds were calm and the sun was out, almost making us forget about the nastiness of the previous day.

By early afternoon, we were in the Chesapeake, and almost immediately, we were confronted once again by an overheating engine. We rolled out the headsail, then sailed close to shore and dropped anchor so we could try to figure out the problem. After clearing the strainer again, the water flow from the engine was not optimal, but it was likely good enough to get us the 5 more miles to Georgetown, MD – our destination for the day.

We motored up the Sassafras River to Georgetown, dropped our hook around 1600, and then thought that we could finally relax. Up until now, all of our overnight moorings, while pleasant enough, were principally places to ‘park’ while we transited each area. This anchorage in the Sassafras River was actually the first place on our journey that we travelled to simply to visit.

And it was a really nice spot. The river was beautiful and the trees were starting to turn. The water though, was still warm so we all took a swim the next day along with our friends from Ohana, whose 4 kids invaded us on Sunday morning. Once the Ohana kids arrived, we pumped up our tube and took all 7 kids tubing – one at a time – behind our dinghy. Then the older Ohana kids offered to babysit so that Kathleen and I could have a night out – which we thoroughly enjoyed.

What a nice day. Almost makes you forget about that bit of nastiness at Cape May.

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