South from NYC

After 5 days on the hook at Atlantic Highlands, we finally pulled the hook at 1930 on September 29 and hit the water for our first dose of ocean sailing, a 118 mile (all ‘miles’ are nautical in this blog) reach down to Cape May, New Jersey.

We had a nice time in Atlantic Highlands, got some schooling and working done, and also a few boat projects, but as nice as the town is – it was time to move on and it finally looked like the wind was going to shift to the west so that we could have a nice sail down the coast in calm seas.

So, on the 29th, Colin completed a client conference call at 1900 and we had the anchor back on deck by 1930 as we motored out into the darkness of Sandy Hook.  As we rounded Sandy Hook and hoisted sail, it became apparent that the wind hadn’t fully swung to the west yet.  We were going to be looking at a 100 mile beat along the Jersey shore.

Fortunately, the wind shifted a few degrees and we were able to sail a fairly close reach that would keep us within a couple miles of shore so the waves would not be a factor.

The kids crashed around 10:00 after enjoying the moonlight sail and Kathleen and I stayed on deck together until about 2:00.  We then each took a solo watch which took us through to morning and gave us each a couple hours of sleep.

When day broke, we were approaching Atlantic City.   Kathleen went down for a morning nap while Colin and the kids enjoyed peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast.   After breakie, Mitchell and Clare did some PSPing and DSing, whilst Colin and Gillian kept watch.

When Kathleen arose from her slumber, she made us a tasty lunch of ‘Smiley Fries’ (french fries shaped like happy faces), apple slices, and carrots while we rollicked along at 8.8 knots through the water! (for non-sailors, that’s fast)

We arrived in Cape May around 1430, 19 hours after leaving Atlantic Highlands and had a lovely happy hour on Bojangles followed by dinner ashore with the Jacob-Dolans family from Boston who are also headed to the Caribbean with their 4 children.   You should have seen the maitre d’s look when we walked into the restaurant and asked for a table for 11!

Then we went back to the boat, exhausted, and slept… soundly.


5 Responses to “South from NYC”

  1. Maureen Kilgour says:

    Great montage!! Makes us all envious, which is probably why you sent it to us!! Everyone looks happy and full of energy. Keep it up!
    (sitting in my concrete block office with no windows at 10 pm..)

  2. Cindy Reading says:

    Wilson and I enjoyed the video and look forward to updates. Was that the John Denver rendition of Bojangles? Brilliant!

  3. Alix says:

    Looks like tons of fun!! Great video. Chat soon.

  4. Alix says:

    Great video. What a perfect way to remember your trip!! Also great for school presentations lololol.

    Say hi to the kids for us. I want to see Mitchell steering the boat on the next one!!

    chat soon

  5. Squarepants says:

    Hi Bojangles!
    We miss the the officers and crew back at here at pcyc (Alex and Lindsey most notably and perhaps most importantly!) Please keep us up on your adventures, trials tribulations and conquests (however modest!). Godspeed. The modest inhabitants of I-08.

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