Someday girl, I don’t know when…

… We’re gonna get to that place where we really wanna go and we’ll walk in the sun.

When Kathleen and I married 15 years ago, the tag line printed on the bottom of our wedding invitations was the Springsteen line “I’ll love you with all the madness in my soul” which, by itself, can be appropriate for a wedding invitation. What many don’t know though is that the line from Born to Run immediately following the one on the invitation is the subject and first line of this blog entry.

At the time when we chose this language for the wedding invitations, we knew what followed and that some day we’d walk in the sun. (Actually, not metaphorically).

So today, 15 years later, we have taken that first step. At 16:41 Eastern Time today (Sep 10, 2009), Bojangles’ docklines, which had seemed overly securely tethered to cleats at Port Credit Yacht Club, somehow gave way and allowed the boat to drift out of the harbour. Despite the strong 20 knot easterlies, the boat persisted in heading east into some famously square Lake Ontario waves. Less than two hours later, she came to rest quayside at Hanlan’s Point with Toronto’s CN tower directly off the transom.

Just before docking, it became clear that the exit hose from the heat exchanger had split wide open and lake water was shooting into the bilge at an alarming rate. After tying up (with new docklines, of course) we deduced that a new 8″ piece of hose would be required. We can hopefully source that tomorrow somewhere on the Toronto Islands or worst case, zip over to West Marine on the mainland to pick some up.

While some would see this as a setback on our first day out, it’s hugely different from being back at the dock. Up until 4:41 today, we were getting ready. Now, we’re out. Dealing with stuff like this is just part of the deal. This may be the first PITA (pain in the arse) but it sure won’t be the last, and we’re ok with that. And of course, we take a ton of satisfaction in keeping the vision alive through 15+ years and actually getting off the dock.

I’m thinking the Boss would be proud.

At Hanlan’s Point, Toronto

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