Final week before departure

With the farewell party out of the way, we have redoubled our efforts to get the heck out of dodge.  We’ve said all our goodbyes, so now we’ve gotta leave.

Unfortunately, Bojangles isn’t in a huge hurry.  As of the start of this week, the engine exhaust system was inoperative and the windlass was fully and completely seized from too many years of neglect in a saltwater environment.  Both of these parts are fairly critical to our journey.

On the exhaust front, we had a new mixing elbow manufactured and installed and the old Perkins diesel now runs like a top and is itching to go.

The windlass was a bit more stubborn.  It was two full days of torching, lube-ing, twisting, sledge hammering, and pulling to get that thing apart.  Now we’re cleaning it up, replacing the worn parts, and putting it back together so that it’ll once again be ready to haul up the 66 pound anchor, the 120 feet of chain, and the 350 feet of rode that constitute our primary ground tackle.

Today (Friday 9/4) we’ll be installing our new high output alternator and then that should be the last of the big money projects before we get out of here.

We’ll also pick up the main and mizzen sails from the loft where they are getting some additional reef points sewn in.

Over the weekend, we’ll work hard (hence Labour Day) to get all the final preparations done, including building some stands to support our masts when we lay them on deck in the Erie Canal.

Then, early next week, we’ll hit the date that has been hardcoded in our Outlook for the last three years.  It was a cold and wet November day in 2006 when I sent Kathleen a “Meeting Invitation” for 9:00am on September 8, 2009.  It simply said “Depart PCYC for Annapolis”.  While we had known that this trip was in our future, we hadn’t discussed a date.  So I picked one and plugged it into my calendar.  Without saying a word to me, Kathleen clicked “Accept” on her computer and the date was set.

Next week, the week of September 8, 2009, we will indeed Depart PCYC for Annapolis – on schedule.  It’s in the Outlook, so it’s gotta happen.


4 Responses to “Final week before departure”

  1. Jeff Dueck says:

    hey Kilgours,

    just got bak tonite from Prince Edward County, brought back Sarah and Rio. both are tired and healthy.

    Rio has had lots of exercise and swimming. Sarah is looking forward to school and seeing you guys 1 last time if possible.

    talk to you soon.

    jeff, trish and family

  2. Chris Weber says:

    Looks like great Fun!!!

    I will follow too!


  3. Don Campbell says:

    I will refrain from doing a Gilligan’s Island song and infilling with the Kilgours; you will have time enough to do that yourself. I will pass on the link to Mr. Letts.

    Happy and safe sailing


  4. ckilgour says:


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