Two weeks until we cut the docklines!

Now that the kids are back from camp, all 5 of us are now living aboard full time and we are gradually knocking off various projects prior to taking off.  We’re now in that level of prioritizing that every cruiser goes through – separating projects that must be done prior to departure from those that can be tackled underway.

If all goes well, we’ll get our final hepatitis shots on Sept 8, and will then leave from PCYC within a day or two of that.  Having said that, there is still a ton of work sitting in the “must do before departure” pile and while we’re doing our best to dig through it, there can be no guarantees that we won’t still be here on September 15.  After that though, we’ve got to get moving as we want to enjoy the NY/NJ coasts as well as be in Annapolis, MD for the sailboat show on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and then get down to Hampton, VA by about the 25th of October for final preparations for the Caribbean 1500.

So far this week, we’ve re-plumbed the forward head, installed the life raft, picked up our ditch bag, new flares, and assorted other safety gear, and re-organized several different parts of the boat as we desperately try to make all our stuff fit on board.

Later this week, we’ll finish varnishing the teak (gotta have it looking good), clean out a few more lockers, install a new VHF radio, and finish manufacturing our freezer lid.  We also have to prepare a wee party for 50+ of our friends and family who are coming by this weekend (4:00pm Saturday at PCYC for those who didn’t get the evite) to send us off.

While the calendar says we’re out of here in two weeks, it still doesn’t seem real.  We’ve been planning this trip for so many years, to be within 14 days of departure seems very odd.  We’re both still highly stressed, our days start early and end late, and we’re spending money like – well – drunken sailors.  We gotta get out of this place!

See you all on Saturday


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