A poem from Kathleen

Where oh Where
– a poem by Kathleen

Where oh Where will it all go?
Who knew there’d be this much to stow.
Food, clothes, tools and books
all Ikea has not enough hooks.
Oh sure, she’s fifty
which seems really nifty.
To the very sage multitude
who consider our plenitude.

But the fact remains,
that I am still the very same.
For I must take that 3rd dress.
What if I don’t impress?
Or without those shoes,
I will have no retort
To them that see me as rather short.

Rest assured all my pals
Family, friends, lazies and gals.
That in the face of such adversity
I WILL grudgingly adopt voluntary simplicity
Please! Don’t laugh at a reformed pack rat.
You see I have no choice,
The alternative is d-vorce.
And with that charming speculation
I re-read this public reflection.

And admit my struggles will follow me
all the way across the sea.
And my best chance of fun
In pursuit of the perma sun
Is not to fret about Where oh Where! Will it all go?
Because, unlike you. I shall not be shovelling snow.

And that’s enough for this former Winnipeg’ger, Guelphite and Kamlooper

Hark! A little bird flew by observing my gloom,
And mentioned none-to-soon.
There are stores and shops along our route
Likely selling clothes, shoes, books and suits

So long, farewell 3rd dress
I shall see you again so don’t distress.
I promise to bring you friends
Numbering six, seven, eights and tens.
In colours so incredibly bright
Your new closet will no longer need a light.

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